Hair Ribbon
MonsterMix Clothing HairRibbon
JPN Name ラブリーリボン
Lovely Ribbon
Unlock MonsterMix Grade B
Stage 2 - A Scary New Monster?

Hair Ribbon (ラブリーリボン Raburī Ribon, Lovely Ribbon) is the twelfth clothing item in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Gabrielle will unlock this item by achieving a MonsterMix Grade B rank in Stage 2 - A Scary New Monster?.

Appearance Edit

Hair Ribbon is a gray ribbon with cyan polka dots.

The Hair Ribbon will be placed in different locations depending on Gabrielle's hairstyle. She will wear the Hair Ribbon on the top center of her head if she has on the Long, Long Bangs, or Cute Bob hairstyles. She will wear a pair of Hair Ribbons on her sides if she has on the Curly Pigtails hairstyle, and she will wear the Hair Ribbon to the side if she has on the Ponytail hairstyle.

Gallery Edit

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