Skeleton Dress
MonsterMix Clothing SkeletonDress
JPN Name ほねほねワンピ
Bonebone One-Piece Dress
Unlock MonsterMix Grade A
Stage 10 - Let's Dance!

Skeleton Dress (ほねほねワンピ Honehone Wanpi, Bonebone One-Piece Dress) is the tenth clothing item in Gabrielle's Ghostly Groove: Monster Mix. Gabrielle will unlock this item by achieving an MonsterMix Grade A rank in Stage 10 - Let's Dance!.

Appearance Edit

Skeleton Dress is a black one-piece dress with puffy sleeves and white hearts aligning the bottom. The dress has the design of a white ribs, white vertebrae, and white pelvis with a pink heart in the center. There is black stockings with white femurs and tibiae. It is worn with long, black gloves and pink shoes.

Gallery Edit

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